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The Leading Man...

Hello everyone! Let me get right down to the updates.

In the Acting section, I've updated the site (finally). I put one still from Millionaire Matchmaker and some stills/footage from a music video I was in. I gotta get some more content on here and, more importantly, get involved in more projects to add the content. It's been far too long. My neighbor and my roommate are both wizards of video editing and production, so I may tapping into their resource this month.

I'll be adding the Modeling section to the Acting tab and put all of my headshot from last year (the one and only time I've had them done!). Kids, word to the wise... don't go to a smoke-machine filled bar/party and drink the night before you take your first set of headshot at 8am hahaha. But, they're not bad. I know I have to do more with stubble and the curls grown out, too. I'm almost done working on Cali's song and I have dug up a few songs I want to get back to finishing. Tino, my roommate and one collaborator, has reached out to me to get our co-writing back on track. Also, my impending trip back home will elicit some amazing recording endeavors with Chris Moore/the DryKnuckle BedHeads.

I'll post when I finish the 60 or so songs I have to add to the song book. I don't know the total of songs, but I'm going to make sure it's only the ones I intend on recording someday. Okay... hopefully more acoustic videos and new recordings up soon. I have an extra push from meeting a few people and getting some gigs lined up. Stay tuned for the tunes!

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