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Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

Adversity. Being foolish enough to not give up when the going gets tough is what separates people who do normal things and people who accomplish greatness. So today, which started off great- not being needed at work- became a migraine filled, car trapped, team-crushing, internet disconnecting kinda day. And here I am... 9:04pm...sitting in the chilly air typing and uploading away. So tonight I'm working on some simple page edits. I made the Acting site into Acting/Modeling site. Im adding some content (for the third time tonight due to internet losing my updates....lots of work wasted)... I listened to some recordings and it's lifted me up with their potential. So... a quick entry tonight. The Mets manager said even in the dead of summer, you gotta tough out those at-bats. Not every day will be filled with major progress and things turning out right... But it's important to stick with it. I have the best people around me who believe in me...

and like an old mets manager said, ya gotta believe! :)

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