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It's long way to the top if you want to Rock....

For those in my most inner circle, I was gonna name this post, "Rock Face"... but that's an inside joke for another time. Actually, No. the time is now. Once when my brother Jim, Chris, and myself had a band, Chris suggested possibly naming one of our albums after a photo he propositioned we take- in which our shadows would be visible cast upon a large wall of rocks. the name of said hypothetical album? "Rock Face." it STILL makes me laugh out loud!! :)

So this has been a ROUGH week. I have been Sick: The Sequel... the revenge of the virus! And also stuff in general has been hard to learn to cope with my girlfriend's cousin's unexpected loss. It has, however, been a demonstration about love giving strength you never knew you had. I booked my ticket to come home in the fall, and I have one gig with two dates lined up for my return to LA in October. I can't wait for all that I have planned in the trip home in the end of September! Seeing my little nephew Jonny, the Big E, and normal New England'y fall type stuff. It's the best!

I have been slacking on the recordings due to how sick I've been, but I am happy to get back on here just for an update and to submit to more shows. My October goals will be getting into some open mic nights and getting out there to play. My goals between now and then? Pad up my portfolio with my relevant, new music and get content on my site. Also, improving general health overall in hopes of getting ready for some acting gigs. I need to get to the Central Casting database before pilot season. It will be a busy second half of the year, but I can't wait for it! It feels good... to put life into perspective.. to feel happy and supported... to dream big and start acting upon it... it feels good

to climb up.

I don't care if it's a long way to the top. You won't catch me with my head down these days :)

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