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Never too early!

What to my wondering eyes should appear?.... but snow started falling so early in the year!! 😍 ::cues song "The First Snow":: its IMPOSSIBLE To not already be excited so I'm embracing it and going with the flow! It's a time to dig down and push out this final "Lap" of the year and see how much you can accomplish, how memorable you can make it, how much you can bring joy to the ones you love, and how much you can be excited to start the next year!!  I can't can't can't wait.  So... I'm going to spend my day typing lyrics and looking up gigs and exercise if it stops raining (this would be snow if we weren't in cali!) hahah. 

So I'm trying to think of ways to maximize context and make a commitment to my site and myself. I've had this domain name since 2005 and it took me until 2016 to make a page. But now I have. And I've updated it regularly and loaded it with some content. I think my next goal (if I ever get my voice healed!) will be to do weekly video logs with original songs. At that rate, I'd STILL have enough for the next FIVE YEARS lol... but it's a good way to practice my catalogue and get more video online until I play more regular shows. 

Also, by nothing short of a miracle of God, fate, refusal to give up, and my persistent girlfriend that I was able to get the leather jacket I've been dying to. It sounds dumb... but something about it. It shifted my brain. It's going to tell a story. It's going to be synonymous with me... and that is obviously a big deal. So... I've been working out, I shaved, I am doing my best to alter some of my horrific sleep lol... this is all for what I call "the big push".  No, I'm not going into labor or having impacted stool problems hahaha... but the big push. I'm done looking at others and being envious or thinking, "I could do that" or I could be that or i could be better.... so I'm done with hypotheticals. My best days aren't behind me. My best songs haven't been written yet. My crescendo is only just starting- it hasn't happened years ago. So... enough rest. Enough emotional healing... I've had years of making dumb decisions or giving my time to unsupportive or mentally unhealthy people. I have the BEST people in my life- especially my mom and Cali and my family and closest friends. I have a world class studio and whatever knowledge I dont have, I can figure it out!  And if Hillary somehow doesn't get elected I won't let my world crash down, I have big plans for me and those around me. 

The only difference between those who make it and those who don't?... it's usually not talent or money.  

The ones who make it never stop giving up on themselves. :)   See you all soon!!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEENNNNN!!!!

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