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Getting Found

Remember remember!.... the 5th of.... how does the rest of that go? Lol so for all two of you out there that regularly check the site, WELCOME BACK! It's nice to be back online after switching servers to Google Domains. Now I need to work hardcore to catch up on editing and uploading content. Been recovering from the never ending cold of the fall, but I've gotten back into the walk to work habit, which certainly helps with my energy level again like old times.

Speaking of old times, upon searching gigs online, I came across some hysterical e-mails I've sent out to any and all music or acting jobs (well... not ALL), and also some responses I've gotten back from Craigslist. One in particular has an attachment of a song about Online Dating that I think is the funniest single thing I've ever heard hahah. So... It's been nice to revisit my newly west-coasted, inspired days. I feel the same feelings again when I think about my life... how my heart feels.. how things have been going lately (minus the cold!), and the season change. It's made me soooo excited and I can't wait to be thrown into it all again, this time for real. I have some footing and some idea how to maintain an existence in this nut house called LA... So... lets see if I could do a little more with it :)

Tmrw I'll do my monthly update and get more content out there.! two days till election..... my God. hahaha

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