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Merrrrry ChristFusc!

I have been busy being completely spoiled and feeling overwhelmingly lucky and loved by my amazing family, friends, and girlfriend. Thank you for being a part of my world!!  

I'm realllllllllly excited about my new 24bit multitrack recorder/mixer to get my recording in the studio not just back, but better than ever. I also got a new deluxe Sabina AAX crash cymbal, a bike style drum throne for extensive playing without leg fatigue, and coolest of all- the DrumLite kit!!! Also my brother and Becky got me a new sling box to watch wrestling in better quality from afar (and other sports), annddd a drawing of Ren & Stimpy (and Wilber Cobb) by creator himself Bob Camp!  

Sorry to be lacking on the posts lately, but that's what the second half of my trip is going to be about. Starting strong for next year by ending this years blog and updates with a lot of new stuff so stayed tuned. 

Until then, hope you have a blessed holiday like I have had... the best Christmas yet, as always, thanks to my wonderful parents! 

-little saint mick  

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