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Some updates: 

Made my Hollywood Casting profile and submitted to a bunch of auditions. Set up my Actors Access account and did more of the same!  Reuploaded broken link and embedded new player for the old Masters of the Universe band CD Release Party video of "Ghost Town" and working on making the YouTube channel linkable. Added new Social Media bar to main and mobile versions of my website with Instagram, Sound Cloud, Facebook (personal and artist page), and Twitter (personal and lyric/fan page)  

So now that my eyes have reached that point of glazing over that could only occur after hours of tedious work has been put in, it's time to go out and have some fun/get moving. I LOVE this picture posted here- it's from a tshirt that Cali got me as one of my Valentine's Day presents.  The more I look at that astronaut while I type, the more drunk he looks. Guess that's because we Both keep hitting the Space Bar!  Hahaha.  Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all night.  Soooo Tonight we'll hopefully be finalizing the details of our epic trip back home!  NYC and CT and anywhere we can- I'll be in town two weeks and she'll be in town during CAL State LA's Spring Break and as wedding planning events permit. 

Hopefully I can find a phone stand and microphone to make my YouTube video series happen soon. Love to all!  

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