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One of my favorite things about LA is the culture and appreciation for the lesser-known things. I have read so much about the US not being as musically sophisticated as England (for example, the reception of "Pet Sounds" there versus over here).  And even though Hollywood is where much of the mainstream, largely baseless fluff comes from, there is a HUGE presence of underground/counter culture. They love vinyl and old cars that are stock and cherry.. they love and tour "lost" legends like when newer acts performed a "No Other" tour, celebrating Gene Clark's forgotten masterpiece. That being said, there comes the poster-child for that movement. George Harrison. 

After my brothers visit, when "cloud nine" was played on an endless loop in my car, I couldn't help but notice the amount of appreciation there is for him. From "Georgefest" I attended two years ago to a festival tmrw in West Hollywood in honor of a new book and timed during his would-be birthday. It's nice to be in a place that celebrates the things my dad and mom knew was great before, during, and long after it's been widely known as "great". And that movement, call them hipsters or just old souls, is what gives me hope.... to put names back in songs, hearts into acting performances, and soul into the pursuit of something bigger than ones self. 

I spent my day today applying for auditions- had two callbacks fridsy but they were filming during my trip home!  But keep on movin.... one of these days, all of those clicks and all that typing and all of the persistence in the face of fear and comformity and comfort and logic will pay off... 

"You sit around now- it may show" :) happy Saturday!!!! 

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