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Finding A Path

Well hellllloooo, summer!  Although I am (not so) low-key envious of the blizzard back home!!! I wanna be trapped in, eat junk food, skip work, and watch Netflix/ record all night!  Soon enough, my pretties. 

So been getting good audition offers but the scheduling isn't working out quite yet... but that's okay. Tmrw (Tuesday) I'm having a "Getting Lost" day. I've been really thinking of putting together a little album that captures when I lived in CT-> Thinking of moving -> on the road Moving -> and getting to this strange, new place. (And BOY is it strange!) 

Also have been shopping a setup. I promised 2017 would bring vlogs of songs/etc and I haven't been able to get a video/lighting/sound rig that does me any sort of justice. So, if you have a good vlog setup at home, send me your feedback!  You know I love gear talk (see my gear page!) and share your secrets. 

Til tmrw, stay warm and dry east coast and cool and...well... also dry west coast!  

-Hike Fusco 

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