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Ahoy, Hoy!  After a dreadful work week (in spite of it being shortened), the weekend has been just right. Cali surprised me with tickets to downtown LA's SkySlide and SkySpace observation deck on the tallest building... on what was a perfect night and equally so way to kick off a weekend. Followed by King Tacos, late night Beauty and the Beast, and a sunny Saturday of Amoeba shopping (picked up the Ben Folds release "So There" on vinyl)- it's been a defiantly So-Cal weekend. Posted up late-night at the coffee bean and tea leaf to work on some audition info and sift through old records that will be dusted off and finished soon.  Why?  Because the one, the only Chris Moore called and left a voicemail that makes me want to hear my own music!  Thank you, my brother!  Can't wait to be in NYC in one week and home to the 2-0-3 to jam and see my family and smell the fresh air and open space my heart is aching for. 

This week leading up to the trip will be all bidniz as they say... (okay, no one says that!), but the first part of the year is always the toughest.  It's my longest clip away from my home and streets that have always inspired my life and music.. and to get back and have a reminder of my big adventure that started one sunny September afternoon in 2012 will do me good. Can't wait to see my closest friends, too and eat home cooked food... and especially see Not-So-Little Jonny!!! 😍 

In sadder news, Rock In Peace to a legend Chuck Berry... who will soon be chuck buried. 😔 a pioneer, legend, and more influential than just about anyone when it comes to Rock music.  I'll leave you with this quote from The Beach Boys song "Do You Remember?"

"Chuck Berry's gotta be the greatest thing that's come along

He made the guitar beats and wrote the all-time greatest song

Well now do you remember all the guys that gave us Rock and Roll?" 


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