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I am a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. I am a drummer. I am a guitarist. I am a keyboard player. And I happen to work as a nurse. If I need to have a "real" job, I will continue working as a nurse. Enough of the procrastinating. Once upon a time I was the "Self-Proclaimed Heart Throb" and I am not ready to hang up those designer jeans yet. I've had a crappy week at work. And I have been thinking of some of the idiots I answer to. And I have to start talking to myself to say, "Just space out on an island because this is NOT your resting place, Mike!" I am not the best at anything. Not even close. But for Christ sake, I have a song lyric that says, "No one I've ever met could dream like me."

And THAT'S the truth. I am a creative guy and I am a talented guy and I am relentless when it comes to what my heart wants. Relentless. So I'm not going to give up on me. I don't care about losing sleep or challenging myself or making a food calendar like I used to do in high school to help get in better shape. I had an acquaintance in high school and he passed just two days ago. I can't imagine that and I feel very bad. But... I'm not ready. I have SO much to do and I'm not even close to the end. This is only how it starts!

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