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Crazy nurses

Had a crazy day at work. Crazy news day today domestically and internationally. And what's worse?  Went to TWO Starbucks and they ran out of the illustrious Unicorn Frappaccino!!  

What is this world coming to?!? 

In other news lol... can't make my commercial audition tmrw because of work. My landlord and friends and brother have all bought new houses. I'm killing nyself trying to buy a Full-sized day bed from Ikea. Womp womp haha 

Choices we make. Most of those who make it say they had given up on hope and themselves a hundred times before- and were ready to officially call it quits for real.  And then it happened. 

You never know. In this life full of surprises, tomorrow could be the day your ship comes in. I have the best family and girlfriend and I will, despite setbacks and could-haves and natural feeling of envy, will go to bed tonight happy of what I've accomplished, excited at the prospect and opportunity for more, and with the hope and believe in myself still 

One day at a time, Mike. 

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