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If you don't know where you're going

"Any road will take you there" -the great George Harrison. 

Well hello, all!  Been rearranging my living quarters in LA in hopes of mental clarity and music accessibility. I've concluded paying more in rent is not the right thing to do, but working with what you have. So... major overhaul time... but I already feel better and it will only advance from here. Been practicing guitar a lot and hopefully I can free space to bring Cali's keyboard in my place to practice more often and record. Weather has catapulted into summer here, but it's been nice to embrace it rather than cower away.  We've set a goal to visit a beach once a week, preferably a new one.  It's important to revisit that freedom the ocean brings in this crowded town. 

Short post today, off to explore around. Saw this poster today printed on driftwood (ironically enough) and couldn't help but smile and be filled with the sense of warmth and adventure... the same feeling that brought me here and to every great thing I've seen or achieved in my life. The beauty is discovering the unknown-

And every ounce of fear makes it exponentially better after. Go out and explore! <3 mike  

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