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Time to make the donuts

And by donuts, I mean music!  

Happy Monday everyone!  Thank you for taking time from your day today. Work is in the bag and now time for fun. That first starts with a trip to Philz for premiumly flavored and priced coffee. Tonight I have plans to work out with Cali, hopefully sell my red futon, work on a few projects, and get ready for this weekend!  I didn't get to post on record store day but I was pleasantly surprised to find a limited release of Dennis Wilson's list album "Bambu".  I love the emerald green and swirled black translucent vinyl and the pictures really make it feel like a release. I have been thinking of the music I wrote before and during my move west. I love those songs and I don't know if they're any good or if they make me excited because it reminds me of the risks!  It was a test of survival.  

I'm going to chip away on those even if the recordings are simplistic, I know Chris will appreciate ANY recording of any kind at all hahah. 

Gonna apply to auditions and look for gigs. Keep it real!  -mike 

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