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Nurses Week

Hello hello everyone- happy Mother's Day and end of nurses week. It was a week of eating, stress, losses, and disappointment. But we must push through. I woke up Friday morning to the roof of my convertible having been cut into in a failed break-in attempt. Just what I needed- to wake up and know full well my paycheck has now vanished. However, set up an appointment and quickly got a rental jeep on Saturday, and finished the room remake process finally. Tv is hung, candy guitar is hung, furniture together, shoe rack mounted, and I'm enjoying its extreme functionality. It's nice to not hate where you go home to (although that luster has quickly been tarnished by the car vandalism).  However, that's what insurance is for I suppose. My landlords van got hit, too. 

Today I'm hoping to rest. I don't have much more planned than that. I got the new Shure Motiv lightning cable microphone that lets you record high quality right into the phone with video or audio, or right into the computer without an external sound card. Time to putz around with that when I'm feeling ambitious. Love to all... videos will be coming soon now that I'm set up and equipped. Talk soon.. 

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