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How does the moon cut his hair

...eclipse it!  ...he clips it.  lol hi everyone!   Been a long time been a long timmmme been a long lonely- well, not so lonely timmmmee.  Such a busy summer!  A busy, amazing trip back home with my parents and friends. Got to play music, baseball, and travel/wander. I miss all that nature. I can't wait for fall, hopefully I can take a trip to feel it in its truest form- in Connecticut!  Also found a new mansion I love so.. time to update the vision board I guess lol.  16 acres of rolling hills, ponds, pool, and uniqueness. That's me 😍 

So lately, I've revisited the classics. I unfortunately brought back to California with me the wrong old compilation cd.., I may have to hit up mr Moore for access to the archives. I have been thinking of doing an acoustic series of every song I've ever written. One a day would take up nearly a year without repeats!  But I need an archive in case I have an untimely passing lol. 

I have dusted off the files to finish "getting lost" and "California is her name"... even if they didn't come out exactly as I had envisioned, I just need to finish them for my sanitys sake. And that's about all that's new!  Summer is slow for auditions and I'm looking forward to diving back in.  I'll be filling my monthly update soon!  Ciao for now! 

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