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It's already pumpkin time?

Ahoy there, bored people of cyber space!  Is it really going to be September already??? I think it was the great Green Day that said wake me up when this month ends.. or so I used to feel!  Last night, my body was reintroduced to that pumpkin'y gOooOooodness known as Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin swirl and it make every fiber of my being shoot into life!  Also, this coming weekend, we will be road tripping out to the picturesque Zion National Park!  I can't wait to get out of the city and out in the open where my heart feels so free again. (Gosh I miss the rolling hills of CT!). Just been applying to some new gig postings- mondays are where it's at.  Have had an old song called, "the second time around" stuck in my head all day today.... I remember thinking at the time "wow, this is such a killer track!"  I'm at the point where my killer tracks became so numerous that they've been forgotten. There are artists my family or record companies and collectors obsess over for decades long after they die- finding ways to release new albums with one lost song or demo to squeeze the last dollar out (I don't blame them, I'm definitely that kind of fan!).  But a lot of those artists never wrote more than 30-50 songs. I have 300. 


And even my forgotten tunes?  I may not share them or push them or even record demos of them, but I still think they're killer. And I'm betting someone out there might think so to someday. 

The only thing holding it back is me and my it's always been. :) 

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