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Utah'ought You'd Seen it All

"I beeeeen everywhere, man!"  In the spirit of the anniversary of my great adventure west, Cali and her cousins and myself conquered what many call one of the hardest and scariest hikes in the United States- Angel's Landing at Zion park. To put it into perspective, someone died there the morning of the day we finished the full trek!  It was incredible and exhilarating and the kind of thing that awakens you. Work has been busy and kicking my butt, but a relief is in sight!  A week from tonight I'll be flying all over to get home and see my family, hit up the Big E, douse myself with autumn goodness, and celebrate my best friends birthday- happiest birthday to Mr Moore!  We're gonna celebrate it DryKnuckle BedHeads style. Can't wait to smell and feel and breathe and taste my favorite season back home! 😍

New song came to me after our trip and a couple tunes in my dreams like old times, which is a great sign. Besides that, keep on trucking. Updates soon!  

Go do something that scares you today and share your experience with a stranger :) 

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