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Baw-haw!  Hello everyone!  Feliz Sabado!  Another sunny day in Southern California.  Wanted to get up early and be productive. Today's goals: apply for some auditions. Work on music. Upload my lost concert from Dec 21st 2012- nearly two hours and around 25 songs... on a freezing winters eve in West Covina in stage with an audience shopping at the farmer's market. It was truly a frightening and liberating experience for me... my third concert in California and what I called the "Rock like it's the end of the world show!"  due to its date landing on the erroneously interpreted doomsday from the old Mayan calendar.  Also, gonna help a friend with a college project and maybe do some cleaning.. so let the "action" begin!  Hopefully I can get the mobile formatting better soon- thanks for your patience with that. (The desktop site looks much better!).   Have a great afternoon! 

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