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Nature Therapy

Sometimes I'm suffocated in the hustle and bustle of the city. People wonder why I take frequent trips to Connecticut... because it's home. There is open space which literally causes your visual field to open- which lets your mind open.  People who suffer from claustrophobia find it tough to breathe in an enclosed space.  Are the crazy?  No. I don't suffer from it, however, I feel a noticeable and vast difference when I'm in the open country. I can hear the birds behind my parents house and the sunset glowing the horizon orange and purple and I can physically feel my lungs open wider, my mind walk out of the symbolically confines room. I listen back to voice recordings on my phone and they blow up during my trips back. Sure, half of it is nonsensical songs left on Alberto's voicemail about not being able to find Starbucks, but creativity is still creativity. So today, I have taken a mental health day (borrowing a line from my friend Steve's high school days) and relaxing/tackling small projects I've been putting off for too long that are causing my mind clutter. 

Two weeks until my trip back home to kick off the holiday season!!! I couldn't possibly be more excited! 😍❤️😊 I hope everyone is well, and I might post some picture updates here later. Have a great day and step outside if you can!  

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