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What an incredible trip I had for thanksgiving holiday this year!!! Truly the best one yet!  I did battle with illness for a lonnnggg time, still in the recovery phase. However, it made me FINALLY go to a doctor after an 8 year hiatus (before nursing school!). I was relieved to see a good blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, in addition to all the normal stuff. My dad and I got to put up the best light show display we've ever done, though we had to brace the cold two of the 3 days (and broken light sets! 🙈). But it is something I truly look forward to all year. God to Black Friday shop after a feast of feasts and we had a great time- I got to see the outlets with my mom and get our late night Denny's. Me and jim kept trucking from 10pm to 8am!  That HAS to be a new record!  I reclaimed master of the universe bowling champ and Defended it once, too. Got some amazing gifts for Cali, picked up what she sent me to get my mom on her behalf, got to jam for about 6 hours with the Traveling Acai Berries, and got to see my whole extended family for my aunt Laura's birthday.  As if all that wasn't enough, Chris and I co-wrote two breathtaking songs. Literally - one you need a LOT of breath to sing hahah. Lyrics to follow in a new post. One is about how we know we have responsibilities and work, but something about that studio of ours calls us up. That room has such good vibrations. Hit you up soon with some new tunes!  

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