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Christmas Eve You Must See to Believe!

LIVE IN SHEDZEPPLIN ON YOUTUBE!  Click below to watch!   

Helllllllloooo ho ho, Merry ChrisFusc!  I say that in the literal sense because Chris and I were up til the icy, wee hours of the night last night on the last day before Christmas Eve. A new song came to us!  Just what we wanted this year!  Haha it was a moment of me picking up the guitar and a tune/riff came to me, Chris immediately starting typing in his phones notepad, and our shared wavelength of not speaking yet somehow knowing exactly what we wanted the song to be about happened. It’s a great new tune and our third new song in a month.... our album is just about fully written (and COMPLETELY co-written!). I’m very excited about it. We also got some last minute, late-night shopping in (no more extended hours will make me sad!), got the shrimp cocktail and cheeses for today, got Dunkaccinos (of course!), and headed back to the studio to make good on a promise to do some Christmas songs. So, we went the originals route, and today is part one of two with original Merry ChrisFusc songs!  Enjoy this classic by my favorite song writer, the great Mr Moore. Merry Christmas Eve and pray for snow tonight!!! 

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